Laura and Casie are best friends who live on other sides of the country. Laura loves and dreams from the deserts of Arizona, and is always the go-to expert for the latest in pop-culture news. She does it all, one minute delicately embroidering like an Austen character to eating her weight in nachos the next. Casie abandoned Laura to move to New York City to work in book publishing. Appropriately poor and glamorous, Casie likes to think herself a New Yorker now, judging everyone's reading choices as she sits on the L train everyday.

how we roll:

We review books in our free time, we both have jobs and a lot of required geeky tv to watch, but where we fit it in we love talking about what we're reading. That's why this blog exists!

We're going to do our best to post frequently, rating books on a scale from 1 * to 5 *'s. They'll also have a brief summary and our analysis.

tl;dr, if you don't already know, is internetspeak for "Too long; didn't read." For those readers who don't want to read our fantastic comments and sometimes snark, clicking on our tl;dr link will send you right to the bottom of the review with our one-sentence summary of the book and our * rating.